Pippa the Witchy is out!

Hello everyone,

Introducing: Pippa the Witchy! ✧ It is my first mini comic that I worked on entire November. It is an all-age story of bubbly witch who wants to reintroduce a long-lost knowledge to a small society.

For now, it is an one-off comic but I may or may not make sequels in the future.

Low-Res file is available freely, and with minimum $2 tip you can grab the Hi-Res file of the comic. They have same content.

Thank you for reading!


Pippa the Witchy (EN - Low-Res).pdf 6 MB
Dec 23, 2021
Pippa the Witchy (EN - Limited).pdf 11 MB
Dec 23, 2021

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I just finished reading Pippa the Witchy, and it's sooo cute!

Wow, that makes me happy! Thank you for reading! 😊🧡